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Wouldn't it be cool if we actually had 1,000,000 people in The Link?!

Hey all you people! Well, I’ve made a few designs for the 24/7 t-shirt, but I know you’re all good thinkers, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the logo? I’ll make it, but maybe someone thinks it’d be a good idea to have a badger on it, in which case, I’ll look at making a badger brush and applying it onto the logo! Kidding about the badger thing, by the way.

Right now I’ve been making them with the slogan “I survived MTYP’s 24/7”, by the way, and the word colouring is black and red with a small graphic thingy on it. They’re just modern circles though.

By the way, don’t be offended if I don’t end up taking your suggestion, if any of you have any. Let’s say a million of you do. Clearly I can’t put a million things on the logo. I might not even apply anyone’s suggestion on it. In that case, it definitely wouldn’t be because I think you suck, but because it just wasn’t working out.

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