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24/7 Slogan

Hey guys, it's Emily. I've been asked to ask y'all if any of you have ideas for what it should say on the 24/7 shirts. The slogan should be short and sweet (or sour). Right now, all we're working with is "I survived 24/7" and "24/7: How Do You Fight It?". Seeing as those are what Young Company has put on their shirts the past two years, I think we should definitely get something new out there. Feel free to leave them in a comment or to e-mail the Link, at the_link_mtyp@hotmail.com.
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I like both of those slogans, but I agree since they were used for Young Company shirts in the past, we should try and create our own slogans...All I could think of was "24/7 2005 was out of this world!" because I thought of the theme for MTYP's season this year. It may not work since there's like a lot of numbers in the beginning, but that's what I could think of.
Did we settle on:
Front: "Doctors recommend 8-10 hours of sleep every night."
Back: "Sleep is for the weak. 24/7."

That one sounded cool.