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**Hey Everyone! I decided that the titles for the entries on the livejournal should be more creative. So I ask you, my fellow MTYPers, to comment on this entry and make your voice heard. Comment on what you think this entry or future entries should be called! ~Erica


The MTYP Theatre School Student Fun-Engineering Committee

Meeting #15: Saturday, January 14, 2006

In Attendance: ****Daniel Augusta **** Erik Berg ****Erica Lasker****Arthur Mackinnon****

****Stefany Morrison****Jaimie Parker****Kerri Potter****Emily Sirota****

**** Curtis Lowton- (super(duper)advisor)****

  1. We thought of having representatives from all the companies at MTYP, as well as all the teen class for THE LINK meetings. The class representatives would let their classes know about what happened during our meetings and be responsible for calling the members of their class about upcoming events.
  2. We discussed organizing a camping trip next year!
  3. We discussed having the bulletin board upstairs read THE LINK, instead of
  4. Curtis Lowton will not longer be our advisor for THE LINK. Instead, Mary McCown-Kobinger, the new theatre school associate director will be our advisor.


Should you wish to join THE LINK or help with any of these events, feel free to attend any of our weekly meetings, held Saturdays at 2:00 in the Theatre School office or e-mail us at Also, feel free to comment or post on our livejournal.THE LINK wants to hear your ideas… and it is a great way to meet new people and even engineer fun!!!

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