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February 25, 2006 (Yes, I know it's March 4, and yes, I know I posted the last set twice.)

The Link
February 25, 2006

In attendance: Daniel Augusta, Erik Berg, Ayden Buss, Jaclyn Kuffel, Erica Lasker, Arthur MacKinnon, Stefany Morrison, Jaimie Parker, Kerri Potter, Emily Sirota, Sarah Watkins
Super(duper)visor: Mary McCown-Kobinger

• The Coffeehouse was amazing! Everything went very well, and we made $62 from the event. This means that in total, we have around $160 (conservative estimate).
• We discussed ideas as to what to do with this money. Possible places to donate locally included Art City and Children’s Hospital; in particular we know of a family at Children’s Hospital who are in great need of assistance. We also discussed small groups of MTYP teens going to Children’s Hospital to entertain during the week.
Future Projects
• As the new vending machines upstairs are going to be moved, we talked about painting a mural on that wall.
• If possible, we would like to have another bake sale on Saturday, April 8, during the Art Summit.
• Introducing the first-ever book of art and writings by MTYP teens, for MTYP teens! Here’s how it works: all MTYP teens and company members (that includes Junior Company,) are invited to submit poetry, short stories, art, photographs, etcetera. The submissions will then be bound and printed in a book and sold in support of future Link projects and donations. The submission deadline is Sunday, March 12; you can e-mail contributions to The Link at the_link_mtyp@hotmail.com or Mary at mmccown@mtyp.ca, or submitted in person at MTYP. Written contributions must be no longer than 1000 words, and profanity will not be allowed. If we have any concerns about content, we will bring them up with the author/artist.

If you are interested in joining The Link or helping out with any of its events, weekly meetings are held Saturdays from 2– 3 in the Theatre School office. For questions or comments, e-mail us at the_link_mtyp@hotmail.com, or check out our LiveJournal at http://community.livejournal.com/the_link_mtyp. The Link wants to hear your ideas… and it is a great way to meet new people and even engineer fun!

Nobody ever died of laughter. - Max Beerbohm
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