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Bonjour, Welcome, etc.

Hello my fellow Linkers! This thing you’re seeing right now happens to be The Link’s Livejournal Community, so I hope you all like it and will put it to good use. :) The rules and information will hopefully be put in the userinfo page soon, and the layout will be coming up … um … soon!!! I’m working on it, don’t worry! The 2 people who will be moderating this community are myself (Jaimie Parker) and Emily Sirota. I’m sure you all know Emily, and I hope you all know me, but if not, then that’s not important – just realize that she’ll probably do more of the social stuff because I have troubles explaining things and I’ll sit here and giggle about HTML. (Yes, I’m a nerd.)

Nevertheless, you all should know of The Link’s email address at this point – if not, it’s You can contact any of us at that address.


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