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Link meeting March 18, 2006

The Link
March 18, 2006

In attendance: Daniel Augusta, Ayden Buss, Erik Berg, Calyn Harwood-Jones, Erica Lasker, Kerri Potter, Emily Sirota
Super(duper)visor: Mary McCown-Kobinger

· We are still getting lots of submissions for the art and writing book! Keep ‘em coming!
· It is unfortunately not possible to hold a second 24/7 this year. The next one will be sometime this fall or winter.
· We are still unsure of what is going to happen with the corner upstairs, i.e. whether the vending machines will be moved, whether we will be able to paint in that corner, what will become of our bulletin board, etc.
Future Projects
· Wanted: MTYP teenagers to write and put on one or more 5-10 minute plays with the theme of safety. The play(s) would be performed at the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, May 28 from 9-5 at Assiniboine Park. The Link would be paid an honorarium of $250 for doing so. More information is available at www.goodbear.mb.ca.

If you are interested in joining The Link or helping out with any of its events, weekly meetings are held Saturdays from 2– 3 in the Theatre School office. For questions or comments, e-mail us at the_link_mtyp@hotmail.com, or check out our LiveJournal at http://community.livejournal.com/the_link_mtyp. The Link wants to hear your ideas… and it is a great way to meet new people and even engineer fun!
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