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Meeting #9: Saturday, November 19. 2005

Hey everyone! If you don't know who I am, my name is Erica! At The Link meetings, I take notes about what we discuss and post it on the livejournal!! I will also e-mail the notes from the meetings to all people who have expressed interest in The Link and have given me their e-mail addresses. If you would like to be a part of this list, feel free to e-mail us at!!!

** Also can one of the maintainers of this livejouranl (aka emily or jaimie) please let me know how to change the font and size of the text!! Sorry I'm very unfarmiliar with the lj world!!



Meeting #9: Saturday, November 19, 2005

In Attendance: Daniel Augusta **** Erik Berg****Ayden Buss****Erica Lasker
Arthur Mackinnon ****Stefany Morrison****Jaimie Parker****Kerri Potter****Emily Sirota
****Curtis Lowton - (super(duper)visor)

1) THE LINK has a livejournal! (  You can read and comment on posts that you read, or you can join the community and post messages yourself!  (If you would like to make a post on the livejournal, you must create your own livejournal account, which is absolutely free!)

2) THE LINK also has its own e-mail address, Should you have any questions or comments about THE LINK, feel free to e-mail us!

3) We are able to sell t-shirts for 24/7 and are in the process of deciding which colour the t-shirts will  be. Also, Jaimie has offered to design the logo for the t-shirts.

4) We discussed having a Winter Extravaganza Party and are currently trying to select a day that will work. The party will include food, games, and  “Secret Santa”, where everyone would come with a gift and leave with a different gift!

5) Curtis will be unable to attend November 26’s meeting; Kent will supervise the meeting that day.

Should you wish to join  THE LINK or help with any of these events, feel free to attend any of our weekly meetings, held Saturdays at 2pm in the Theatre School office. THE LINK wants to hear your ideas… and it is a great way to meet new people and even engineer fun!!

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