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Link notes March 4, 2006

The Link
March 4, 2006

In attendance: Daniel Augusta, Erik Berg, Ayden Buss, Jaclyn Kuffel, Arthur MacKinnon, Stefany Morrison, Jaimie Parker, Kerri Potter, Emily Sirota, Sarah Watkins
Super(duper)visor: Mary McCown-Kobinger

• Possible ways of publishing our wonderful book of randomness:
o Apple iPhoto, a computer program that would allow us to format the book ourselves, then send it off for publishing. This would cost around $10 per book.
o Websites such as www.lulu.com, which would probably be a little more expensive (around $12-17 at Lulu)
o Printing companies in Winnipeg
• The deadline for submissions has been pushed back to April 16, 2006, so as to include Spring Session classes. Submissions can be e-mailed to mmccown@mtyp.ca or submitted in person to the Theatre School office.
• We are thinking about painting upstairs, around where the vending machines are currently located, and creating a “hangout corner” of sorts. However, this is still rather up in the air. More information will follow.
Future Projects
• The Link’s next bake sale will be Saturday, April 8, 5:30-7:30, during the Art Summit. If you are interested in providing baked goods or helping to sell them, contact Mary McCown-Kobinger at mmccown@mtyp.ca or Stefany Morrison at stefstefo@hotmail.com.

I can resist everything except temptation. - Oscar Wilde
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