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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Link

Hey friends, family, and fellow members of The Link. Welcome to the grand and fabulous new online home of...what else?...The Link. My name is Emily Sirota, and I'm your friendly neighborhood community maintainer, along with the lovely Jaimie Parker. I'm also a member of...THE LINK! Now, I'm sure some of you might have questions about The Link, and those questions are going to be answered...right now.

1. What is The Link?

Good question. The Link is Manitoba Theatre for Young People's (aka MTYP's) student council. Its job is to plan fun, cool, awesome events for the students of MTYP. It also gives students a chance to have a role other than participant in some of MTYP's staff-planned events.

2. So, who runs/belongs to The Link?

Again, good question. The Link is run by teenage students of MTYP, with an MTYP teacher that leads/supervises. In the past year, The Link has been run by Dahlia "Mama" Kurtz, but leadership is now being passed over to Curtis "Cool Curt" Lowton. Right now, there's a group of approximately ten of us that come out to the meetings every week. We also ask MTYP teen classes for extra help when running events. Members from Young Company, Shaw Film Academy, and Shakespeare Company are especially encouraged to lend a hand.

3. I've never heard of you. What have you organized recently?

Wow, you're just smack on with the questions today, aren't ya? I'm impressed. Asking the right questions is quite a talent. Okay, your answer: this year, we haven't done much yet. We organized a delicious bake sale in early November, to raise money for future events that we may have planned. Don't worry, though, The Link is in full-on planning mode, getting ready to make your year supercool.

4. Future events? What can you tell me about these so-called "future events"?

Brilliant question, ol' buddy ol' pal. Well, between you and me, there's a rumor going around the lobby. This rumor says that The Link might make an appearance at MTYP's 24/7. Maybe, just maybe, they'll set up a canteen. Who can say? If, however, you think you might be at 24/7, why don't you leave a comment? In this comment, you can say, oh, what you'd like to see in the canteen. But wait, there's more! How do you feel about 24/7 t-shirts? Thanks to The Link, those could go from a hopeless dream to a stylish reality. Don't worry, there'll be future posts about upcoming events. Keep checking back here, and you won't miss a thing!

5. One last question: wasn't there an MTYP student council last year, going by a different name?

Quite right, my dear dear friend. Up until a few months ago, The Link went under the name "xec.com". We just got tired of people asking if that was a name or a website.

That's it, folks! Wait a second, I can hear you out there. You're telling me that I forgot a question. You're right, you smart cookie, you.

6. So, how can I join?

You want to join? Hooray, hooray, and hooray! Well, if you're curious about The Link, why not come out to a meeting of ours? We meet weekly, every Saturday from 2-3, in the MTYP office. Feeling nervous, shy, and/or scared? Email us! Want to help out with events, not meetings? Keep checking the site. We'll ask for your help sooner or later, promise!

That's all for now! If there are any questions I missed, it would be great if you would leave them in a comment. You can also email The Link at the_link_mtyp@hotmail.com, and one of us will get back to you.

Your amiga/Link-er/maintainer,

Emily the Supercool
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